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NMASSETTI CONSULTING. Technology Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Venture Capitalists & Startups


$> Tech-TruView Service: Venture Capitalist's pre-investment risk analysis of enabling technologies. From existing knowledge predict likely future problems and design preventive or rapid response measures.

$> Tech-NuView Service: Entrepreneur's concept review, fabrication risk mitigation, new product DFM, & cost reduction built in. Alternate fabrication approaches. Prevention and rapid response solutions.

$> Tech-NuMate Service: Search University technologies that are complementary, evolutionary, extensive, to yours.

$> Tech-NuFit Service: IC fabrication process integration and transfer. CMOS / BiCMOS, Analog, Non-Volatile Memory, MEMS, SiGe.

$> Tech-DeepView Service: Audit IC & MEMS fabrication facilities, processes, & reliability.

$> Tech-ToYou Services: Nanotechnology & IC technology commercializtion, marketing & promotion.

$> Tech-RivalView Service: Competitive intellegence and information gathering. Secure your IP, mine theirs.

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